It all started back in 1987 when Alien had found all 5 bandmembers, recorded their 2 first songs – ‘Headstrong’ and ‘I’ll Survive’ – and finally got the record deal they deserved. I was 15 at the time and was already into all that great 80s music (Journey, Toto, Bon Jovi, Poision, Motley to meantion a few). I followed the band during rehearsels, shows, magazine interviews etc and shared the joy when they hit the charts!

The original lineup is back with full strength releasing their new album ‘Eternity’!!!

Unique anniversary shows!

There are no upcoming events.

The most popular rock band in Sweden. Topping charts with several hits, selling platinum, breaking attendance records on tour.  Major breakthrough with #1 single Only One Woman, selling platinum. One of the first Swedish acts to sign a world wide major label deal, with Virgin Records. Sharing management with Gary Moore and AC/DC.”