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Live from 1988

Brave New Love

Live from Sweden Rock Cruise 2010

Tears don't put out the fire

Live from Kungsbacka, 31 July 2010

Feel the love

Touch my fire

Guitar solo + I've been waiting...

Only one woman

Jamie remember

**NEW** Ready to fly

Promo videos etc

'Only One Woman' - Promo video

'Go Easy' - Promo video

'Feel The Love' (Demo) - Kållevisionen, Gothenburg, Sweden

'Only One Woman' - Kållevisionen, Gothenburg, Sweden

Upcoming shows

  • July 25 2015
    Outdoors, Slottskogen, Göteborg, Sweden

Eternity JPN edt.

Release 18 June 2014!
Alien Eternity

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