The band

Jim Jidhed


With a high pitch voice that would make even Steve Perry green with envy, Jim joined one of the greatest new bands on the Swedish AOR scene. He caught every woman’s heart and, through his singing on the hit ‘Only one woman’, he became a legend!

After leaving Alien, Jim started a solo career consisting of four albums to date.
He made an acclaimed aor comeback with his 2003 album ‘Full Circle’, and was also part of the new ‘Alien’ (‘Dark Eyes’, 2005).

Jim is nowadays engaged in music education association work, guiding young and coming bands.

Favourite album: Piledriver / Status Quo.

Tony Borg


Tony ‘Blackmore’ Borg, with his calm yet groovy sound on the guitar, was the closest thing to Mr Blackmore as you could come. Everything from his poses down to the clothing details was a tribute to his hero.

His guitar solo performance on ‘Only one woman’ became epic!

The spokesperson of Alien always had an answer to any six shooter journalist.

During the 90’s he toured extensively with his (Deep Purple-Rainbow-Whitesnake) tribute band ‘White Purple’.
Also, released an instrumental solo album and several ‘Alien’ records with various Stockholm based lineups.

Tony’s now managing his own ‘Borg Music Studio’, recording and producing, besides teaching at Rytmus music school in Stockholm.

Favourite album: Machine Head / Deep Purple.
Tony Borg@MySpace

Jimmy Wandroph


The joker in the band! What ever happened on tours, in recording sessions etc, Jimmy always had a great spirit and always shared a smile. A great buddy for everyone involved.

Jimmy’s performing range included everything from sensitive piano ballads with detailed techniques to heavy rock organ tunes.

Deep Purple was his first contact with rock, and Jimmy really embraced John Lord including the Hammondorgan etc.

Jimmy has been inspired by bands like Journey, Starship, Survivor etc – the list can go on forever. I e bands with riffs and melodies that goes straight into the heart.

Jimmy was also the designer in the band, developing logos, t-shirts, stickers and backdrops. After Alien he started his own company – staying within the design area.

Favourite album: Made in Japan / Deep Purple.

Ken Sandin


‘Sweden’s longest hair’ – Any girl/woman between 15 and 65 fell for Ken and his long hair. A photographer’s nightmare, never standing still during a show.

Ken coloured every song with a steady bass line with fascinating fills.

Has since been in Swedish Erotica, Da Vinci(N), Transport League, Strasse.
Toured with Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions), Vinnie Moore (UFO) ao.

Currently with Kee Marcello Band, the reunited Alien, Timecode Alpha, Bobby Kimball Band and Legends (Voices of Rock) feat. Bobby, Bill Champlin, Steve Augeri, Fergie Frederiksen, Joe Lynn Turner, Graham Bonnet, Jimi Jamison, Robin Beck, Eric Martin,  ao.

Other than that he had the pleasure of working with numerous artists such as:
Mats Levén, Göran Edman, Mikael Erlandsson, Freddie Wadling, Lutricia McNeal, Ola Salo, Martin Stenmarck, Jamie Meyer, Jan Johansen, E-Type, Papa Dee, Charlotte Perrelli, Jenny Silver, Black Ingvars, Staffan Hellstrand, Pandora, Nordman, Johnny Logan, Alannah Myles, Bobby Taylor, Nad Sylvan, Peter Jöback, Andreas Carlsson … just to name a few.

Favourite album: A night at the opera / Queen.


Toby Tarrach


Toby’s hard hitting percussion style worked great on both power ballads and up tempo rock ‘n roll tunes.

Toby was the ‘silent, strong’ guy in the band. Never ever has a band had a drummer with as steady pace as Toby’s.

Toby’s been playing continuously through the years, hooking up with renowned competent Swedish musicians.

Also, he’s been with musical instrument agencies, but now he’s back doing what he loves the most; focusing on his own kit… and Alien.

Favourite album: Made in Japan / Deep Purple.